Botee.Trade is an advanced cloud platform for creating and automating trading strategy on cryptomarket


In a middle of 2017, we were looking for a platform to automate our trading strategy. Tested out about 30 public services such as HAAS, Gekko, Zenbot, ProfitTrailer e.t.c. Some of them were nice but no one fits our high requirements. And we made a decision to develop an advanced platform for creating crypto trading strategies of any complexity.

The request was pretty simple: strategy should be produced from common or specific TA indicators + connects particular data feeds ranging from automated technical analysis sources to crowd wisdom insights. Smart execution algorithm combined with Take Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, DCA and so on. And we also needed a flexible tool for testing strategies on historical and real-time data.

We've made several services including crypto exchange to test it out properly. Then was a period of bugs catching and fixing before we agreed that platform works well and we can invest our own deposit to live trading. So, we could say It was born in a middle of 2018, but our perfectionism forced to add a lot more features. P.S We built Botee.Trade as a tool for internal use, but decided to share with the crypto trading community who has the same high requirements as our own. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Supported exchanges:

  • Binance

  • Bitfinex (margin trading available)

  • HitBTC Soon

  • BitMEX Soon


  • Flexible trading — using any tools: TA indicators, Trailing Stops (buy/sell), averaging (DCA), margin & leverage, etc

  • Combined strategies — combine different indicators into one strategy. Want 3 BB and 2 RSI to work at the same time? You are welcome. You can also change the basic configuration of any TA indicator: replace the EMA in the RSI with SMA

  • Smart charts — buys and sales points, strategy signals at each point of the chart

  • Backtests and unlimited Paper trading — on any paid plan

  • Margin with leverage — Short & Long

  • Coding skills are not required — manage any settings through a graphical interface

  • Everything in the cloud — no extra charge for VPS

  • Mobile friendly — bot management from any devices (PC, smartphones, tablets)

  • Transparent and secure — dedicated trading servers with a fault-tolerant system by design. All bots on their own servers. Different hosting providers (close to exchanges). The bot trades on the exchange through API keys with your access level settings (withdrawals are strictly prohibited)

  • Combine backtest and real trading results on the chart to improve your strategy optimization. Soon

  • Multipair — the bot manage an unlimited number of specified pairs. Soon

  • Notifications in Telegram and Discord for all paid plans. Soon

Extremely beneficial if you:

  • created a strategy on TradingView and want to automate it for trading on the exchange

  • trade manually every day, but the routine eats up a lot of time and you miss good entry points

  • want to use any tools to create a flexible strategy

  • manage a crypto or hedge fund and you need tools for rebalancing, partial/full automation of the portfolio

Disclaimer: This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrency or any specific provider, service or offering. It is not a recommendation to trade. Any information contained here, or on any other published material, is provided solely for educational and informational purposes. Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future success. Stay curious and smart.